Clear backed bras provide the ideal solution for backless dresses and low backed tops, whilst clear front bras are ideal for plunging necklines.   Silicone straps offer less visibility than conventional straps and many have adjustable back-straps for additional comfort and fit.    For that special dress a diamante backed bra offers extra bling for a special occasion.  At we have a wide selection of clear and diamante bra solutions for every occasion, whether you need a silicone front push-up bra, or just clear shoulder straps we have the solution you are looking for.

The "Visione Boom" shown above has a strong silicone back strap which fastens securely at the side with a standard 2 hook closure, with three rows for fine adjustment to ensure a perfect fit.  The front centre is made from strong, clear silicone to enable you to wear deeper, plunging necklines, or lower cut dresses.   Made in Italy, this bra solution offers both the practicality and quality expected of Italian lingerie.   With sleek lines, the bra cups are smooth and seamless and made from  microfibre so as not to be visible through your clothing.   The cups themselves are made from firm, graduated foam which provide shape and support, whilst the push-up effect will give that little extra cleavage - ideal when you are wearing that plunging neckline.

Clear, silicone backed bras are the ideal solution for backless dresses.  They offer the full support of a "standard" bra, so you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you will not suffer any unwelcome "wardrobe malfunctions".  Nor will you have to spend your special evening worrying about "stick-on" solutions coming loose, or not providing the support (and coverage) you had hoped for.

Many clear backed bras offer multiway straps for additional versatility.  No matter what your outfit, there is a clear silicone bra strap option to suit.  Halterneck clear straps are ideal for dresses which tie behind the neck, hiding your shoulder straps completely.   Many evening dresses and ball gowns have wider necklines which would show standard shoulder straps.  Our "Visione" range have wider set straps to allow greater ability to hide the straps.  At the back the shoulder straps fasten much further to the side then standard straps, enabling you to wear a wider range of backless dresses with even more of your back exposed.

Strapless clear backed bras are also an option, for when you really do not want any sign of shoulder straps, and for strapless dresses and ball gowns.   Backless or low-backed dresses and gowns with thin shoulder straps are now an option, whilst still enabling you to wear a proper, supporting, comfortable bra.  The strapless silicone backed "Alba" bra (shown above) by Italian lingerie manufacturer Comet Corsetteria also has an adjustable back-strap for fine adjustment and to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Whilst many ladies will wish to have that little bit of added cleavage provided by a push-up bra, for those who prefer a non push-up bra, the "Visione"  (shown above) is the ideal alternative to the "Visione Boom".  Essentially the same bra as the Visone Boom shown at the top of the page, the "Visione" has smooth microfibre cups which have a light foam cup without the molded foam of the push-up bra.

For ultimate glamour, Diamante back bras are the perfect bra solution.  These diamante (rhinestone) bras are designed to be seen.  No hiding away of bra straps with these, the "backless" diamante bra by Splendour is designed to look as though it were part of your dress.  Sparkling diamantes (rhinestones) will add glitz and glamour to your outfit.   Two strings of diamantes, set in shiny, silver coloured metal strings (to make the stones glitter all the more brightly) give this bra the feeling of wearing a piece of jewelery rather than a bra.  The Backless Bra by Splendour is front fastening, and has halterneck straps.   If halterneck is not suitable, the ultimate in diamante bras is the Red Carpet Bra by Splendour.  With 316 individual diamante (rhinestones) stones, this bra positively glitters.   Ideal for "impossible" dresses, evening dresses and ball gowns, for special occasions and events.  With twin strings of diamantes across the back, and single strings for the shoulder straps, and twin strings of diamantes to join the cups across the front, this bra is the ultimate special occasion bra.

For clear back bras, an alternative to silicone is the plastic back strap.  Although slightly shinier than silicone, plastic clear straps are more clear (silicone are colourless and opaque rather then completely clear), and because of the inherent strength of plastic, they are narrower.  The "Bijou" bra has smooth seamless cups in microfibre for a clean, smooth fit under your outfit.  Front fastening with a three diamante clasp, the Bijou fastens securely with a twist and lift clasp.  The back-strap is clear plastic, whilst the cups are made from firm graduated foam, for push-up effect.

For a simple, clear silicone back and clear shoulder strap bra, the "sogno Light" is perfect, with its gradulated foam cups for support and shape.  The plunge style front is suitable for deeper necklines, whilst the silicone back is adjustable to allow you to fine tune your fit.  As always, from Itallian manufacturer Comet Corsetteria, the materials and cut are of excellent quality